Started Internet Retail Business in Singapore since 2005.

Link-Global Pte Ltd sells Massage Tables, massage products, beauty products, consumer items and many other premium products.

Main reason for starting the local retail business is to bring all the premium products that are best sellers serving specific functions or needs to the local communities and friends at reasonable prices as we are getting container prices from the factories we already have very good relationship.

All other products listed in the company website, and many new products were slowly added over the years.

We are one of the Pioneer in Internet retail business in Singapore. Our experiences in Mail order catalogue since 1990 put the company at the forefront of internet businesses to understand your needs and meet your requirments.

Majority of our products are also listed in Qoo10 (Link-Global), Lazada (gshop), Shopee (Link-Global) and 99%SME (Link-Global Pte Ltd) websites, all the leading internet platforms in Singapore.

Business Growth

Our products are sold all over Asean countries including Australia and New Zealand.

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Our Mission

We bring in Premium lifestyles Products - bring Family closer, Enjoyment, Relaxation and Minimise work and house chores.


Welcome to GSHOP

Buy without hesitation as they are proven products sold internationally.

These products call for family members participation. Family members can massage their Husband, wife, children and so on. This exercise brings the family members closer if not more affectionate.

Tepiano Tea Bottle

Control the Thickness of your Tea with our special Tea Bottle. You can now enjoy your tea at its best flavour by controlling the thickness. The Tea leaves are separated by filter and once the water turns to the colour you think your tea is at its best flavour, you overturn the Tea Bottle and enjoy your tea. Visit / for more details.

Standing Desk

This height adjustable desk ensure that your posture is correct. Work without staining your neck, hands, wrists and eases your work load thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

Tubie (Ironing clothes without Iron)

Let tubie do your ironing and take away the strain on your Neck, shoulders and back. You will find ironing using tubie to be effortless and the whole family can participate in this weekly routine. Visit for more details.