Claptzu Comfort Massage Table

Design registration number: ETF50S28

Entry-level students approached Michael for cheaper Massage table with useful accessories. Michael passed the feedback to Vincent and he worked with Factory to come up with this baby with a lot of useful accessories such as the padded armrest, the padded nose slit, and the side-mounted table width extensions. At 18 kilograms (including accessories), the Claptzu Comfort Set is one of the lightest wooden massage table on the market. In order to offer our Entry-level students or new practitioners this excellent price point, we have reduced the table to the bare essentials. It provides simple elegance, with no unnecessary frills. We did not, however, skimp on the construction. In the well-known Clap Tzu quality, upholstered in oil resistant PU leather, and available in many striking colours, the Claptzu Comfort Set is just waiting to be used.