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Tubie Ironing Machine

Design registration number: TUBIE-16A

T.U.B.I.E. "Drying and Ironing at Once"

With the ironing machine TUBIE®, you can dry and ironing shirts, blouses, summer and winter jackets, t-shirts, skirts and trousers (without pleats).  

Simple handling: Draw wettish garment onto machine, affix tautening clips (for tightening even the problem zones), switch on electronic timer, and you´re done. The drying and ironing process begins.  

Notice: Not every piece of textile is of equal quality and processing. Thus, tautening clips are attached to the ironing-machine TUBIE® in order to deal with difficult parts of the clothing.  

For an easy inspection of the drying process, the device is rotatable and can be adjusted in it´s height. With the ironing-machine TUBIE®, there is no need for a warm-up time or a manual setting of the temperature/material (linen, silk, etc.). The temperature automatically adjusts to the material of the garment.  

After finishing of the electronic timeout and a cool down cycle (anti-creasing-cycle), the device turns off automatically.  

Connected load: 3390 Watt, 220V / 50Hz, 16 Amp. Weight: approx. 17kg. Guaranty : 12 months.  

Please note that TUBIE can be connected to a 240 V socket (the same way as your electric stove is connected.) However, TUBIE cannot be connected to a regular 120 V socket.  

The field of application possibilities of the ironing machine TUBIE® is not matched by any other ironing machine, dry cleaner or rotary ironer.

Product Information

  • Max weight capacity: 14.5 kgs  
  • Static weight capacity: 3 kgs  
  • Length: 55 CM  
  • Width: 55 CM  
  • Height range: 1.7 Meters