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Head Rest - Face Cushion + Frame

Design registration number: HRSUPPORT

The revolutionary new universal face cushion is made of extreme soft molded polyurethane foam which makes for a memory foam effect. The curved angular shaped surface meets the different shape of each client's face. Our larger cut-out ensures client's eyes will never feel pressure. To ensure durability the new universal face cushion has our environmental skin touch pu that is oil, water, and abrasion resistant available in various colors this face cushion is the perfect accessory for all professionals


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  • MB25 Memory Foam Face Cushion, Curve shape, Expanded Vision with bottom slot design.
    This face cushion is suitable for any of our massage table(except Vaete series), adding the length of table and make table look more professional.   
    3.5 inch Ultra-soft molded polyurethane foam makes memory foam effect
  • Harder foam in bottom layer provides consistency, quality, and comfort
  • Easy-to-clean silky soft environmental skin touch PU upholstery in black, water, oil, and abrasion resistant
  • Large cut-out ensures clients eyes will never feel pressure, the curved angular surface meets each individual face shape
  • Available in various color options, the perfect accessory for any massage table

Round Shaped:

  • Positions head and neck in perfect alignment with spine
  • Eliminates pressure points for instant relief of upper back and neck pain



  • Colour:Blue
  • Comprise of Aluminum frame and Face cushion
  • Fully adjustable Aluminum frame with flat plastic plate form
  • Deluxe face Cushion: Single sewn and constructed for comfort