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T.U.B.I.E. „Drying and Ironing at Once“


With the ironing machine TUBIE®, you can dry and ironing shirts, blouses, summer and winter jackets, t-shirts, skirts and trousers (without pleats).


Simple handling: Draw wettish garment onto machine, affix tautening clips (for tightening even the problem zones), switch on electronic timer, and you´re done. The drying and ironing process begins.


Notice: Not every piece of textile is of equal quality and processing. Thus, tautening clips are attached to the ironing-machine TUBIE® in order to deal with difficult parts of the clothing.


For an easy inspection of the drying process, the device is rotatable and can be adjusted in it´s height.


With the ironing-machine TUBIE®, there is no need for a warm-up time or a manual setting of the temperature/material (linen, silk, etc.).


The temperature automatically adjusts to the material of the garment.


After finishing of the electronic timeout and a cool down cycle (anti-creasing-cycle), the device turns off automatically.


Connected load: 3390 Watt, 220V / 50Hz, 16 Amp. Weight: approx. 17kg. Guaranty : 12 months.


Please note that TUBIE can be connected to a 240 V socket (the same way as your electric stove is connected.) However, TUBIE cannot be connected to a regular 120 V socket.


The field of application possibilities of the ironing machine TUBIE® is not matched by any other ironing machine, dry cleaner or rotary ironer.



Additional mesh covers:


( These covers restrain to the selected size and prevent over stretching on t-shirts, blouses etc.)


Mesh covers in the sizes:


(with these covers you can much easier work on t-shirts, blouses etc.) S, small, item number NBS

M, medium, item number NBM L, large, item number NBL

XL, extra large, item number NBXL

Surcharge: $29.70 per piece.




Mesh-cover for coats / white coats etc. (special mesh-cover for long coats)


Mesh-cover for coats, item number MKZ 1, including extension bar.


In order to save shipping costs, we recommend to order the mesh-covers together with TUBIE®. Price: TUBIE® including cover for shirts, cover for trousers, demo DVD and user manual – S$1500.00 (GST applies) - 'ELIGIBLE FOR PIC'

» Specifications
Here you can the technical specifications of ironing machine TUBIE
Standard VersionValues
Voltage230 V or 220 V / 50 Hz
Power frequency50 Hz
Heating power3200 W
Fan power120 W
Overall power3320 W
Electric power14,6  AMPERES
Protection16 A
Drying and ironing time (without pre-drying)appr. 4-6 minutes (e.g. for Shirt – depending on the tissue, residual moisture and ambient temperature).
total weight14,5 kg
Version 10 A (e.g. for Switzerland)Values
Voltage230 V or 220 V / 50 Hz
Power frequency50 Hz
Heating power1800 W
Fan power120 W
Overall power1920 W
Electric power8,5 A
Protection10 AMPERES
Drying and ironing time (without pre-drying)appr. 6-8 minutes (e.g. for Shirt – depending on the tissue, residual moisture and ambient temperature).
total weight
14,5 kg


Interesting facts about the ironing machine TUBIE


TUBIE ironing machine for private use?

Most customers of ours are people or families who don´t feel like ironing. Many of them are white collar workers who need a perfectly ironed shirt every day.


How long does it take to put a shirt on the TUBIE?

It is very easy and for experienced users it takes less than a minute. Place textile onto machine, affix tautening clips, switch on timer and you´re done.


Is the shirt finisher TUBIE noisy?

TUBIE is not louder than a hair dryer.


Is TUBIE gentle to your clothes?

It is! The TUBIE ironing machine will take care of your clothes by inflating the cover with hot air (about 50 degrees Celsius) to get the shirt into shape. Even sensitive garments like silk or embroidered shirts and clothing can be ironed without any problems and will not look shiny in the end. On the other hand, a flat iron is between 165°C and 220°C and is bad for many clothes.


The shirt finisher TUBIE must be quite expensive!

No, TUBIE is not more expensive than a fully automatic coffee machine


How about dry clothes?

It is possible to iron dry clothes. Just spray them with a sprayer full of water before ironing.


Selling PriceGST  
DescriptionSGD7% Total
tubie set - include Cover for shirt, cover for Pant, demo DVD and User Manual.1800126.0001926.000
Mesh Cover    
XS - Extra Small (NBXS)   
S - Small (NBS)29.702.0831.78
M - Medium (NBM)29.702.0831.78
L- Large (NBL)29.702.0831.78
XL - Extra Large (NBXL)29.702.0831.78
Mesh Cover for Coat - MKZ1 Including extension Bar.207.0014.49221.49

Product Information:

  • Max weight capacity: 14.5 kgs
  • Static weight capacity: 3 kgs
  • Length: 55 CM
  • Width: 55 CM
  • Height range: 1.7 Meters
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