Non Woven Cover for Headrest Support

Design registration number: NWCOVER

Non Woven Cover For Massage Table Headrest (100pcs/pack)

Fleece liners for the headrest or nose slots - Hygiene Clean Body Massage

The Clap Tzu fleece liners include an intelligent Y cut-out for easy breathing. Skin-friendly , lint free quality . For one-time use.


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    Non-woven cloths for the headrest / nasal slit cloths 100 or 300 pieces (advantage package)


    The Clap Tzu fleece towels made of lint-free paper fleece from the hygiene sector have the intelligent Y-slot for free breathing and are made of skin-friendly quality and can be used only once. They are a quick and practical solution for hygienic protection of the headrest of your massage table. A headrest cover, also known as a face rest, saves you from having to clean the head section after each patient.

    A slit nasal cloth as a hygienic face pad makes your day-to-day work easier. Save time for the essentials. Our single pack contains 100 non-woven cloths, our advantage pack 300. 

    * Please also note our 3-pack headrest cloths for only $21, - you save $6! 

     pleasantly soft
     lint-free & cuddly

     decorative dispenser box



  • 1 Pack: 100 fleece liners
  • size:40x30.5
  • material: SPP 35g



Simply place the fleece liner over the headrest or the nose slot of the head section to provide a sanitary cover for your contoured cushion or nose slot.

Comfortable, pleasantly soft and hygienic!